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TVOne to Debut "Montross: Blood Rules" Family Crime Drama Directed by and Starring Victoria Rowell!

TVOne is a constant source of great productions and their newest film "Montross: Blood Rules" adds another jewel to their crown. Written by Camara Davis and directed by veteran actress Victoria Rowell, "Montross: Blood Rules" is a story of what happens when you unearth buried family secrets.

"Montross: Blood Rules" follows Robyn Montross (played by Dawn Halfkenny) as she returns to Evansdale. She begins to uncover the lies that have secured her family's power and prominence in the community for generations.

This isn't just a film about an average Black family. The Montross family has old money, infinite power and they'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Check out the trailer.

We got a chance to screen the film a few days ago then sit down with the cast to discuss this wonderful film. The film stars Victoria Rowell, most known for her fame on daytime television's Young and the Restless, as Elaine Montross the matriarch of this powerful family, Richard Brooks (Law & Order and Being Mary Jane) as Cordell Montross Sr. the father of three adult children who manage to get themselves into some serious trouble. Their daughters Robyn, played by Dawn Halfkenny (Saints and SInners), and Nia, played by Shelea Frazier (The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel) and only son CJ "Jackie" Montross, played by Dwayne Boyd (Allegiant) uncover a dangerous trap set by their parents.

Rowell (right), who has done other films with TVOne, says that she enjoys working with the channel because "they support" Black creators "especially Black women" and give them their space to tell great stories. With "Montross: Blood Rules" she wanted to tell a story of "Black generational wealth" and was attracted to the story because of the narrative, the actors in the cast and the platform.

To play her role, Halfkenny says that she had to fully delve into the script. She wanted to know all there was about Robyn Montross, why she made the choices she made and why she tried so hard to remove herself from her family. Something most women would find it hard to do, Montross did without thinking twice.

Frazier, who has only done one other film, says that this film came to her. After starring as Dorinda Clark-Cole in "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel" this film's production team sought her out for the role of Nia. She admits that this was a stretch of her acting skills because she's a "singer first" but it was a wonderful role to play. When asked what she's looking forward to she stated that she wants to see a new era of films showcasing Black women that are in the "soft life era". A wonderful romantic comedy because Black women are entitled to films that aren't "drenched in pain".

Those films will definitely be on the way, especially if Rowell and TVOne have their way!

To check out "Montross: Blood Rules" tune in to TVOne this Saturday, October 1st, at 8pm EST.


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