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#SmallBusinessSpotlight Queens with Attitude from "Mary Jane's Court"!

Once a month we shine a spotlight on a small Black Owned Business and the products or services they provide. Today, we're shining that light on Mary Jane's Court!

Mary Jane's Court was founded in 2020 by Courtney Gillens who names the company after her maternal grandmother. Gillens says that she never knew her maternal grandmother because, the company's namesake, passed while her mother was still very young.

"Throughout the years, stories and memories shared by various family members have helped shape an intriguing, yet confusing image of exactly who this woman was. While I've been blessed to know and be reared by a wonderful paternal grandmother, my curiosity about the short life of Mary Jane only increases with time. A sense of feeling incomplete would follow me home after every trip to Summerton, South Carolina. One day I just woke up and decided that it was "okay". It's okay to not have all the answers. That day I decided that it was going to be up to me to create a legacy that my Mary Jane would be proud of."

And create a beautiful legacy she did! Mary Jane's Court has some of the most stylish products we've come across in quite some time. The company started off a few years ago offering bookkeeping and consulting work but branched out into the world of home goods. Right now the company offers super stylish umbrellas and heat transforming mugs that promote self pride. The focus of Mary Jane's Court is to "provide healthy and therapeutic comfort through affordable and fashionable accessories while promoting self-care both at home and on your commute."

With a mission statement like this, Gillens can't go wrong!

Check out some of their products below!

These umbrellas are high quality and have a very durable wooden handle and comfortable push button extend feature. Both come in custom MJC branded covers that help them keep their shape and prevent them from being damaged while in transport. The wrist strap is a comfortable length and the velcro closure that holds the umbrella closed is very durable. Not like the lower quality umbrellas that have the closure barely sewn to the strap, these were manufactured with love and care.

What can we say about this mug? Not only is it the absolute cutest mug ever but, we're now finding ourselves drinking hot tea and coffee even more just to watch the cup change colors! The heart handle makes this a great gift for someone you love or just to show some love to yourself! This is the adult equivalent of those dolls most Generation X'ers had back in the day and, we'll admit, we caught ourselves washing and rinsing the mug over and over just to watch the transformation.

Seriously, it's full of Black pride and such a fun gift, how can you not grab one, or two, for someone on your gift list?

Gillens says that "Mary Jane's Court has been just the creative outlet needed during the pandemic. We are most proud of our featured Q.W.A. (Queens with Attitude) collection and looking forward to curating more pieces that speak to Queens from all walks of life. In this Court, we want you to Reign, Shine and Slay!"

This company is definitely on to something and we'd love if you'd support them! Visit all of Mary Jane's Court's links here and SHOP NOW!

If you have run a black owned business and would like to be featured in our upcoming #SmallBusinessSpotlight, send us an email at with the subject "Small Business Spotlight"! We'd love to feature your company!


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