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SIX Black Owned Seasoning Companies to Support Since Goya has Lost Their Mind!

If you've been around the internet today then you may have heard that there is a boycott on Goya Food products. That's right. We're canceling Goya! The CEO of the Goya Foods company announced that this country was "blessed" to have a leader like Trump then, doubled down on his statement by saying, he wouldn't take it back.

Loyal Goya users took to social media to express their hurt and disdain for the company by throwing their Goya products away or voicing their opinion about the CEO and the relation to their target market. If you're not familiar with Goya (where have you been?) their consumer base is more than 90% Hispanic. For someone who is bought out by Hispanics in droves to say he supports the man who is keeping Hispanic children in cages warrants a full boycott.

If you're going to be reconfiguring your spice rack in support of your Hispanic brothers and sisters, we'd like to offer you some Black Owned alternatives.

First up:

I first got turned on to "Cooking with Greens" through vegan food influencer Tabitha Brown. Sis was putting it down in the kitchen and when she mentioned that "Cooking with Greens" was Black Owned, I had to check it out for myself. Cooking With Greens was born in May of 2017 on Facebook. The brand started by Derak and Anita Green, started as a cooking page that celebrated food, family and fun. As their brand grew, they developed a few proprietary spice blends that focused on the use of the benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

To find out more information on these products, or to purchase one of their packages, visit their website!

Next up:

Flavor Food Company also comes with rave reviews! Flavor Food Company sells seasonal natural spices blends, rubs, and handcrafted sauces.

All of their seasonings are: 100% all-natural free of any chemicals or GMOs. Blended in small batches for the best flavor and quality. They're easy to use and the best part, they have ZERO calories.

With a brick and mortar store in Washington, D.C.,The Spice Suite has probably been around the longest. The company's founder, Angel, bought a storefront in 2015 and turned it into a spice shop. Her love for fashionable flavors and natural talent in the kitchen landed her a spot in the Top 40 of MasterChef's Season 8. Her spices, just like her sense of style, are both bold and intriguing!

From looking at their seasonings and checking out their reviews, we're adding this one to our shopping list ASAP!

Check out this review from a customer:

"My whole cabinet is filled with brass cuisine!!! Amazing, flavorful spices!! I recently tried the fish fry for some catfish and bought an extra one for my mom! Both were extremely impressed with how good the batter stayed on while frying plus I added some her lemon pepper to the catfish before batter which was amazing. Will continue to support and rave about this brand!!!"

Born in Pensacola Florida, Chef Carmen Atlanta Smith began cooking for her family at a young age. She was adopted along with her five siblings and enjoyed helping prepare meals as young as 10 years old. Once old enough to work, Carmen worked in numerous restaurants learning the business and sharpening her skills. After finishing high school and college, she moved to the Atlanta Georgia area. Chef Carmen still resides near Atlanta and runs a successful catering, concession and personal chef business.

Chef J's Encounter

Chef J, Joshua Murrell, of New Jersey is the owner of J's Soul Cakes & MORE. A company geared towards providing excellence in service at our clients' event. We provide event planning, a variety of delicious foods & desserts, favors, set up/ decorations, and a fantastic event sure to be remembered.

His website offers a variety of seasonings and sauces to suit any palate.

Don't think we've left out those of you who are specifically looking for the Spanish flair! If you're looking for Adobo and Sazon, try Louisa Comida Real.

Looking for more sauces? Try Un-Measured. If you're looking for seasonings to pair with your meats, try Branded-Flavor.

It's time out for letting companies take your money and then use it to support someone who is oppressing you. That means YOU are funding your oppressor. It's time we start supporting one another and helping our economy to grow. Even if spices, seasonings and sauces aren't your thing, share this article with someone who would appreciate it.

If you're the owner of, or know of any more, minority owned companies like these, drop them in the comment section below so we can support them too!

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