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Montgomery, Alabama Native Opens a Safe Haven for Geeks Who Love Comics!

Every now and then we're blessed with the opportunity to feature our friends! I've known Lashawn Colvin personally for about six years and when I tell you that this sister is the truth, I MEAN IT! I first met her when I was a student at Full Sail University. I was vlogging my journey through school as an unconventional student and she happened upon my video. One question in my DMs led us to a sisterly bond that was organic and seamless from the start. We've celebrated graduations, grieved with each other and most recently, celebrated a major win!

Colvin is a gifted illustrator who has been working on her own comic book series "Beautiful Soldiers" centered around a group of young women with super natural, elemental, powers. The love for her series has blossomed into a new business venture that not only celebrates comic books but the "geeks" who love them!

On Halloween Colvin launched the business that every comicon going, cosplay dressing gamer has ever wanted to own. A comic book store that doubles as a lounge and videogaming hall!

"Comics & Geeks: A Beverage Lounge" is literally a nerd friendly Starbucks that encourages you to come in and enjoy their strong Wi-Fi connection, play a quick game or enjoy an escape into your favorite comic.

She told the Montgomery Advertiser in August that she wanted a place to shine a spotlight on other artists and creatives like her. "I know the struggles of trying to get seen,” Colvin said at the time. “It’s very important for my store to represent the community, where we try to help each other get ourselves out there."

"Comics & Geeks" features a wall of mainstream titles and a wall of independent titles. There's a gaming area set up for the next-gen consoles, and people at the grand opening were able to register for an upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament.

A smoothie and coffee bar is still in the works, but she said she didn't want to delay the opening because of that. The lounge area around the bar is set up as a hang-out space and surrounded by comic-themed art. Geekwear and accessories are for sale a few steps away.

The store's usual hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday."

If you're in the Montgomery, Alabama area I'm personally inviting you to check out "Comics & Geeks: A Beverage Lounge" at 1264 Perry Hill Rd 36109.

This #BlackGirlMagic is exactly what 2020 needed! Congratulations Lashawn! You deserve all of the good things coming your way!



This entrepreneur is no longer in business. Lashawn Colvin passed away in October of 2022. Her legacy lives on in every piece of art she ever drew and life she touched.

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