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Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores!

There's one industry that has been profiting off of Black dollars without even giving the community a second thought. What industry is that you might ask? The hair care and beauty supply industry! For decades this market has been dominated by every other race, but our own, and we've strengthened every hand and fattened every pocket to boot.

Now, (cue Aretha Franklin) the sisters are doing it for themselves!

In the new millennium, Black owned businesses have started popping up in every industry and, now we've branched into the beauty supply market. There are several stores that offer online shopping but tons more that are brick and mortar all over the country. Below you'll find both types of stores and, hopefully, decide to share your wealth with them and keep those Black dollars circulating in our community.

More of a hair care line but, it's sold at a Black owned beauty supply store called Kadasa Beauty Supply in Charleston, SC. Sase was founded by longtime hair stylist Torri Hammond. Though based in South Carolina, they ship around the globe.

If you're in the Charleston, SC area, Kadasa Beauty Supply is located at 5603-BRivers Ave.N. Charleston, SC 29406. Give them a call at 843-990-9439. You can also order on their website.

Kulture Barber & Beauty Supply is a full service beauty supply store. They have a brick and mortar store in South Carolina but, they also offer online shipping. They have everything from hair grease to to braiding hair, wigs to clipper guards. Even an assortment of wave caps and du-rags! If you're in the area, you can visit them at 8780 Rivers Avenue Ste104 North Charleston, SC 29406.

#3 Bellamy's Beauty Supply

Take a look at the video on the right. . . this place is STOCKED and ready for you to stop in! They're also located in South Carolina at 1420 Redbank Rd. Suite E, Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Phone (843) 824-4830

Another physical store located in Ohio. This store has a fully stocked line of braiding hair, weave bundles, hair accessories and almost every thing else that you can think of. Not only do they carry an array of brands but, they carry Black owned hair care brands like Carmella Marie and Kaleidoscope. One-In-All also has a beauty salon attached that houses some of the city's best stylists and nail techs. If you're in Northeast Ohio, stop by at 3420 Market St in Youngstown, Ohio.

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies is a Black owned boutique beauty supply store that provides not only commercial products but natural shampoo, soaps & jewelry. They have a full line of products available on their website as well as in their physical store. They're located at 1566 Edgewood Ave, Trenton, New Jersey 08618. You can reach them by phone at (609) 218-5883.

We've given you a pretty good running start on a few Black owned beauty supply stores and, although some of them may not be in your area, we hope you'll spread the word about them all.

Want an even bigger list? Check out this article written for Black Enterprise last year it's bursting with businesses all over the country. If you have a Black owned beauty supply store, drop your website in the comments below this article and we'll be sure to support you too!

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