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Literary Newcomer JC Walker Hits a Home Run with "Lin Su Yoshimura: The Days of Darkness."

How many times has this happened to you: You see a book cover that you like so, you pick up the book and read it's synopsis. You think it might be a good read so, you purchase it and then never get around to actually reading it. Happens a lot doesn't it? It happens to me too.

I'm one of those people who has a "To Be Read" list a mile long on Goodreads. I vow to read books, even start some, and abandon them if they don't hold my attention after the first chapter. I usually do finish them, just not right away. . . sometimes not even in the same year. I'll start reading then, something else comes along that completely grabs my attention and sweeps me off of my feet.

I'll admit, I'm a book nerd and maybe even a tome hoarder but never, in my life, has a book VIDEO TRAILER grabbed my attention and prompted me to read a book immediately. Never, until now.

I was gifted a copy of a book by an up-and-coming author JC Walker called "Lin Su Yoshimura: The Days of Darkness" and I was intrigued. Before I could even put the book in my "TBR" pile, I saw the trailer for it and jumped right in.

Check it out below.

Here's the book synopsis:

"Lin Su Yoshimura, trained in martial arts at a young age by her parents, is kidnapped as a teen in China and sold into the sex trafficking trade which lands her in the UnitedStates of America. She is rescued from an abusive pimp by Matthew King, a top-level New York drug dealer. Lin Su becomes a part of his organization as she wrestles with the horrors of her past.

They are approached by Jason Stone, a disgraced ex-Special Forces officer, who convinces them to raid Juan Ramirez, leader of a notorious Mexican cartel. Stone assembles a team of well-trained mercenaries accompanied by Lin Su and King to carry out the operation deep in the Mexican jungle which leads to a huge cache of high grade cocaine plus savage outcomes that neither expected.

Pursued by the cartel, the mob, the Drug Enforcement Agency and a Muslim community activist, Lin Su must make a choice before time runs out. She must decide to use her skills and defend the organization or address the dark demons that haunt her within. The stakes are high, forty million dollars in cash or their lives!"

If you grew up reading Donald Goines books or if you've ever read "Pimp" by Iceberg Slim then, you'll love the urban action in "Lin Su Yoshimura: The Days of Darkness". This book has all of the gunfights you'd expect from a "drug cartel" book BUT they're enhanced by the book's main character Lin Su Yoshimura and her wonderfully skilled sword work!

Walker's words weave a story that, not only paints a very descriptive picture but, will have you rooting for criminals! "Lin Su Yoshimura: The Days of Darkness" is the perfect mix of Power + Kill Bill + El Chapo but primarily set in America. The beginning of the book slowly sets up the building blocks for the hailstorm of action that is to follow. We will warn you though, other than the expected death here and there, this book has a few scenes in it that some may find triggering or sensitive. I, personally, didn't find anything disturbing but, I've been reading urban fiction since I could hold a book and knew what letters were.

This book is an excellent read that definitely leaves the reader wanting more. If you'd like to grab your own copy of "Lin Su Yoshimura: The Days of Darkness" then, you're in luck! The book debuts today and you can purchase an eBook copy for $2.99 or a physical copy for $19.95.

If you read this book, come back and lets discuss it in the comments below. We'll be doing a Book Club discussion on our Facebook page soon!

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