Texas Cop ad His Wife Filmed Themselves Having Sex With a Minor. Both Facing Serious Charges.

Just days ago we reported that a Texas police officer and his wife had been charged with performing sex acts with a minor and now, more sordid details have emerged. According to reports Samuel Tejeda and his wife Ashley Tejeda were reported to the Georgetown Police Department for allegedly engaging in sex acts with a minor. A search warrant was issued for the couple's home and, after a lengthy search of their property, arrest warrants were issued. The couple surrendered to the police the next day and, at the time, the public had no clue what evidence was found.

Now we do.

According to new details released, the Georgetown police found a video recording of the couple engaging in sex acts with the 17-year-old girl. Police say that the video was recorded by Ashley Tejeda who participated in the acts as well.

Initially there was no word on how the Tejedas knew the girl but, it has come to light that the girl is a relative of Samuel Tejeda's co-worker. When Ashley Tejeda learned of the accusations against her husband being made known to the police, it is said that she deleted the incriminating footage.

The arrest affidavits stated the 17-year-old girl told police she had sex multiple times with Samuel in her backyard and at the couple’s home in Jarrell. A defense attorney unrelated to the case told KXAN the age of consent in Texas is 17, according to Texas Penal Code.

“If a child engages in this activity, and she is younger than 17, than that is what’s known as statutory rape,” said Defense Attorney Charlie Baird.

Instead, in this case, the Tejedas face felony charges for sexual performance of a child.

“If you are making a movie, a video or something of that nature, then that is what’s known as sexual performance. The age threshold for that to be legal in Texas is 18,” said Baird.

This whole case is full of loopholes and broken trust. The fact that the Tejedas engaged in this illicit affair with a co-workers relative is shameful.

The Tejedas each face two counts of sexual performance by a child charges, which are second-degree felonies.

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