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"Take My Money!" Jodeci Reunites and Signs with P Music Group for Management for the WIN!

Somewhere there's a middle aged woman wondering if she can still do a microwave ponytail at the sound of this news and she just might be me, mind your business! Jodeci, arguably THE BEST R&B male music group of the 90's, has reunited and signed to a new management team, P Music Group.

P Music Group, helmed by founder/CEO Michael Paran, also represents award-winning R&B artists Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill and K-Ci Hailey. If you've ever loved real R&B music then you'll know that the quartet group consisted of two sets of biological brothers. Dalvin and Devante Degrate along with Jojo and K-Ci Haley. The group rose to fame in the early 90's but disbanded after a few, very public, mishaps.

“During the pandemic, the guys started reaching out to each other and began talking about reuniting,” Paran tells Billboard. “They’re ready to build something new, done the right way without continuing the missteps of the past. I want to be long-term with them and help them show the world that they’re back to begin a whole new era.”

“I’m excited for Jodeci to join P Music Group with Michael managing us,” K-Ci said in a statement announcing the news. “We’ve come a long way. It’s a blessing to be back together and give our fans what they’;ve been asking for.”

“Michael is a a man with a plan, a vision and a mission,” added Mr. Dalvin. “We’re looking forward to a great partnership."

They're looking forward to a great partnership and we're looking forward to the great return! Get your leather vests gentleman, it's about to go down!

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