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#SmallBusinessSpotlight BLoved Hair Crack, LLC All Natural Hair Care Products.

It's time to turn our spotlight on another small #BlackOwnedBusiness! This time, we enlisted the entire staff to test out the products from BLoved Hair Crack, LLC. We were sent sample sizes of the entire line so, we split up the products, used them entirely and then came back together to share our reviews. The opinions you read in this article are those of several staff members, the ones who actually have hair, and they are unbiased and uncompensated.

The BLoved Hair Crack, LLC hair system was pretty self explanatory. We received "the complete set" which consisted of a deep conditioner, shampoo, hair and "hair crack" which we assumed was a moisturizer. An additional "peppermint" moisturizer and leave-in conditioner was included as well.

All of the staff members who tried the products remarked on how moisturized their hair felt after using the products. I personally used the shampoo and leave-in conditioner. The leave-in and shampoo had the same effect on my hair (type 4a natural) as one would expect from products that we assume contain oils and butters. The leave-in smelled almost identical to the "hair crack" with a more loose consistency that made it perfect for daily moisturizing and styling.

The male reviewers noted that their hair stayed shinier longer and that their hair didn't dry out during the day. Those of us with longer hair all noted that the ends of our hair stayed hydrated and none of us noticed any product build-up on our hair for the solid week that we used the product exclusively.

The leave-in and "hair crack" combo was amazing for a "twist out" style or for maintaining a days old hair style. The men, who have similar category 4 textures used the "hair crack" for "sponging" their hair and loved their results as well. The only issue that most of the reviewing staff had was with the smell of the product. While it wasn't noxious, it did have a strong tea tree oil smell to it and the one reviewer who tried the peppermint moisturizer said it was heavy on the minty side. We checked their website for a list of ingredients and didn't find one so we can only assume, since most of us have used tea tree products before, that tea tree oil was an additive.

The smell isn't bad and it does dissipate after a while. I did contact the business owner to see if there would be an unscented version anywhere on the horizon and, at this moment, there isn't but, I wouldn't lose hope. These products are good and with a little brand expansion, we can definitely see this happening in the future.

Don't be shocked by the name, BLoved Hair Crack, LLC might not be what you expect it to be. Will your hair totally love these products? Absolutely!

We'll definitely be purchasing a few of these products to add to our hairstyling staples and you should grab some too! "The Complete Set" gives you samples of the shampoo, conditioner and hair crack all for only $22.50. We recommend grabbing this set to test out the brand. Give BLoved Hair Crack, LLC a shot and then tell us what you think!

If you have run a black owned business and would like to be featured in our upcoming #SmallBusinessSpotlight, send us an email at LoVetta@ChattyPassenger.comwith the subject "Small Business Spotlight"! We'd love to feature your company!

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