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Robin Givens and Newcomer Hilda Martin Team Up for Lifetime's "He's Not Worth Dying For."

What do you do when your teenage daughter is trying desperately to fit in with a new crowd? What do you do when she's competing for the affections of a boy that you know doesn't mean her well? What do you do when she's being cyber bullied and coerced? That's exactly what happens to Robin Givens' character's daughter in the new Lifetime movie "He's Not Worth Dying For."

This isn't just a movie, it's inspired by a true events.

He’s Not Worth Dying For follows the intertwined real and social media lives of Isla (Rachel Boyd), a 19-year-old girl who has established herself as a beauty and fashion influencer and Grace (Hilda Martin) the expected valedictorian of her class with hopes of a veterinary career. Though both are very different, they unknowingly share one thing in common – Jake (Lachlan Quarmby) – who is dating them both without their knowledge. When Isla and Grace discover that Jake was cheating on them, the girls turn on each other in a jealous rivalry and use their arsenal of social media platforms to badmouth and attack one another. While their followers take sides and pit them against each other, their hatred for one another escalates into a real life fight that ultimately turns deadly. Robin Givens stars as Grace’s mother, Cher, while Lochlyn Munro stars as the District Attorney investigating the case.

After screening the film, we had the chance to sit down with the cast to discuss this heartbreaking film. Hilda Martin, who's fairly new to television acting, is just as sweet and lovable as her character Grace. When asked about social media being used to tear lives apart and whether or not she believed that real life and social media life are two separate things she replied:

"I specifically had a hard time with kind of splitting --with kind of being the same person and having like a reality, being real on social media for the longest, and I don’t see that be a possibility now because you’re still --Like in social media you’re not you. You’re never going to be. You’re going to be torn apart, if you want like an extensive amount of people kind of following you, unless you just want yourself and close friends, but other than that it’s like you have to be someone that society wants on social media. So that’s like totally different, and I could see the same for Isla (played by Rachel Boyd), who is trying to kind of be this person and this colorful person, this bright person, but on the other side in her real life it’s the total opposite, so totally different."

Boyd added ". . .the really unfortunate thing and kind of what we wanted to tackle in the movie is that people blur those lines together, and they treat people like they aren’t really human beings on social media when it really is really us. We’re just kind of creating a highlight reel."

'He’s Not Worth Dying For" is produced by Doomed Productions Inc for Lifetime with Tim Johnson, Orly Adelson, Stacy Mandelberg and Jon Eskenas serving as executive producers. Kevin Fair directs from a script written by Jacqueline Zambrano. The film premieres Saturday June 25th at 8pm EST.

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