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Randy Gonzalez, of TikTok's Viral Father-Son Duo "Enky Boys", Shares Stage Four Cancer Diagnosis.

If you've even been on TikTok, or any other social media platform for that matter, chances are you've seen the father and son shenanigans of Randy and Brice Gonzalez. These two blew up during the pandemic when Randy shared a hilarious video of his young son lip syncing to part of Steve Harvey's movie "Think Like a Man". If you haven't seen the clip, we're not giving you the side-eye but we're questioning where you've been!

To say that these two have been a highlight during some of the nation's darkest days is an understatement. They captured the attention of the country on Good Morning America and they've even been highlighted in multiple media outlets like BuzzFeed and Yahoo Lifestyle.

The younger of the two has even gotten acting deals! Brice landed a role in Eva Longoria's Flamin' Hot project. Brice will play one of the sons of the main character of the movie about Richard Montañez, the Frito-Lay janitor who says he cooked up Flamin' Hot Cheetos in his home kitchen.

After a whirlwind break into the entertainment industry together, the pair have hit a snag in the road that is serious and life threatening.

The father and son duo are facing a challenge that includes their whole family but, Randy will have to go at it, physically, on his own. In a new video posted to the pairs social media account, Randy discloses that he has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Although the diagnosis is a hard one, he still has faith that he'll beat it, with our help.

Randy has been denied coverage by his medical insurance company for life saving treatments. Treatments that will prolong his time with his family. Yes, we all understand how these things work but, that doesn't mean that they're fair. At his age, he's only 34, it's uncommon for a man to have this type of diagnosis but that doesn't mean that it can't happen. He was admitted to the best hospital for this particular illness only to find out that they didn't accept his insurance and the cost was astronomical.

"I was shocked," Gonzalez said. "...They said my medical expenses are going to be over $150,000 to $200,000 just to get my chemo."

He started a GoFundMe to help offset the costs of some of his treatments and, to help others. He said he's going to also use it to help other men get a colonoscopy.

"I'm so blessed that I have followers and friends on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook that are asking me if I'm ok because I lost weight," Gonzalez said. "All I really need, seriously, is just prayers. I just want to say thank y'all so much for your love and support for me and my son, and if it wasn't for y'all, it wouldn't be the Enkyboys."

As of right now the GoFundMe has raised over $100,000 but much more is needed. If you can help them in anyway, no matter how small of an amount, we ask that you do so. If you can't financially support, we ask that you send your positivity and prayers.

F*ck Cancer!


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