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More to the Story: Woman Who Said She was Taken Against Her Will Has Been Arrested for False Report!

Whew this one took a sharp left real quick! We just reported the story of the hero named Jauan Clay-Cartagena who helped save a woman who said that she was being kidnapped. Cartagena was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire when a stranger offered to give him a ride to a tire shop. While on the ride back from the tire shop the female passenger showed Cartagena a note on her phone saying she was being held against her will. This made Cartagena take action, asking the driver to pull over so he could use the bathroom, then alerting the police.

The cars driver, Kyle Gosnell, was arrested and Cartagena was a hero!

Until today.

The real story has come to light and the "victim" is now behind bars. According to reports, Brittany Webb, originally told police officers that she'd gotten in Gosnell's car just to smoke weed but he took off and wouldn't let her out. That story, according to police, was a complete lie. Clarksville, Illinois police were tipped off to the possible lie after receiving evidence from someone close to Webb. What they received was a lengthy text message thread that took place during the four hour road trip while Webb was with Gosnell.

In the messages, Webb said she was going to Florida, but “got into an argument, and got left,” according to the records. The messages revealed Webb agreed to go to Florida with Gosnell, and at one point volunteered to help drive.

When investigators confronted Webb, she at first maintained her story. Then she changed her tune, and said she did agree to go to Florida, but got halfway there and realized she didn’t want to go, according to the court records.

Where does all of this leave Jauan Clay-Cartagena? STILL A COMMUNITY HERO that's where!

“At the end of the day, at least I feel like I did something good for somebody who told me they didn’t want to be in a situation. That’s the best I can do,” Cartagena told Clarksville Now.

“I apologize to anyone who took offense to my actions and I hope you understand there are many women who make these claims everyday, I don’t want to be the one who didn’t listen,” he added in a Facebook post.

Cartagena did what every person in the community should have done, If you see someone WHO TELLS YOU that they're in distress, you help them and let the cops sort it out later. Thankfully this didn't end with anybody dying.

Webb has been arrested and charged with filing a false police report. It is unclear if Gosnell has been released at this time. Whatever happened between these two, Webb needs to be charged with a few other crimes like "inciting panic" for one.

We're thankful for Cartagena. The world needs more people like him.


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