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Med Student with a Flat Tire Saves Potential Trafficking Victim. "He Was Going to Harm Her."

Imagine being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire one minute then becoming a literal life saver in the next. That's exactly what happened to one man in Clarksville, Tennessee just the other day. Jauan Clay-Cartagena (left) told authorities that he'd gotten a flat tire on I-24. As he was standing alongside the road, debating on what to do, a man drove up next to him and offered him a ride. Cartagena thought nothing of it and accepted the gesture of kindness from the man.

Cartagena says that he got into the car and noticed that there was a woman in the car as well.

The car's driver, Kyle Gosnell, took Cartagena to a tire shop to get his tire fixed and waited until he had completed the tire service to take him back to his car. What a good Samaritan right? Not at all. Cartagena said that on the way back to his vehicle Gosnell mentioned that the couple were on their way to Florida, a fact that visibly unnerved the female passenger. Cartagena says that he struck up a conversation with the couple asking questions and, at one point, the woman offered to show him a picture on her phone. Instead of a picture, the woman had typed out a message begging for help.

Using some very quick thinking Cartagena said he told Gosnell that he needed to use the bathroom and asked him to stop at a Dollar General store just off of the highway. When Gosnell pulled over, Cartagena went inside and alerted the store's security that the woman had been taken against her will.


“They had gotten on the road, and he got on the interstate and he just didn’t stop. Once she asked him where were they going, he had got violent, and threw her ID out the window and told her if she tried to run or anything, he was going to harm her,” explained Cartagena.

The woman claimed she met Gosnell through her cousin and they were just supposed to hang out…but that was 200 miles ago.

Police arrested Gosnell and charged him with “false imprisonment” because the circumstances did not meet kidnapping, according to police.

And Cartagena has some words of wisdom for anyone having traveling troubles.

“I would say if somebody pulls over, don’t accept the offer — you can’t really say what you could’ve done or done wrong or right, I just I’m glad it played out the way it did,” said Cartagena.

Police said they’re still investigating and Gosnell is in the Montgomery County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

This is the craziest thing! Ladies, we've got to be more cautious and trust our instincts. If you're with someone and they don't "feel" safe, get away from them by any means necessary. We're so thankful that Mr. Cartagena was there to help her. This could have ended so badly.


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