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Mom Arrested for Allowing 24-Year-Old Man to Impregnate Her 12-Year-Old Daughter.

We called it days ago when the 12-year-old girl in Oklahoma gave birth to a 24-year-old man's baby that her family had to have condoned this. . . AND THEY DID!

As it turns out, there's something suspicious about almost the whole clan. The unidentified girl's mother has been arrested for her role in the girl's rape.

Fox 23 reports that Desiree Castaneda has been arrested and charged with enabling child sex abuse and child neglect.

Investigators say Castaneda was aware of her child’s interaction with 24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara and approved of their relationship. Tulsa police also says there are photos of the family throwing a baby shower for the victim and the suspect. They're not lying either because we've seen one!

There are no words to explain how this child must feel right now. Of course she probably feels as if her entire world has been stripped away from her and that her family is in shambles. IT IS! This child probably believed that she was going to have a happy little family. . . it's really sad when you think about it but, don't think too hard because it gets worse.

You're probably asking yourself where this girl's father is? How could a father allow a grown man to rape his young daughter and get her pregnant? How is this man even allowed to live let alone attend a baby shower? Well, the girl's father is currently in prison serving a 12 year sentence for a first degree rape charge. Of course that case is unrelated to this one but if history isn't repeating itself we don't know what is.

Miranda-Jara was arrested last month and is also facing a first degree rape charge. Court records indicated that he is on an immigration hold and he remains jailed without bond.

Hospital records show that the baby was born healthy and the young mother suffered no physical complications. Thank God for that. Let's pray for this child's mental health and family situation.


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