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24-Year-Old Man Arrested When He Takes His Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend to the Hospital!

An Oklahoma man found himself in the back of a cop car instead of a delivery room when he showed up to the hospital with his girlfriend. Here's the problem, the man's pregnant girlfriend is only 12-years-old!

Doctors immediately called 911 when the girl showed up telling officers they had a rape victim they needed to see immediately, he said. When officers arrived, Juan Miranda-Jara, 24, proudly said he was the father of the child the 12-year-old mother was about to give birth to, and he acted a bit unsure as to why police were even getting involved.

The legal age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, fours years older than Miranda-Jara's girlfriend. From the looks of the photos at their baby shower, their relationship was probably condoned by her family. That being said, it still doesn't make it right and certainly not legal.

According to Fox 23, Tulsa Police Officer Danny Bean said TPD’s Child Crisis Division investigators are trying to piece together how Miranda-Jara had access to the girl and how a girl who is old enough to be in the 5th or 6th grade was able to carry a baby through a full term pregnancy without anyone reporting it to police.

“We don’t believe this is incest at this time,” Bean was able to reveal, but he was not able to discuss the man and the child’s relationship any further at this time.

Bean said because of the sensitivity of the investigation and its on-going nature, the public will need to give officers time to piece things together going back at least nine months when the girl became pregnant if not sooner as to how she came in contact with Miranda-Jara and was allowed to have a relationship with him.

Jail records indicated that Miranda-Jara is charged with first-degree rape and his bond was set at $50,000. Bean told the news outlet that he could face additional charges as they complete their investigation.


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