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Mena Suvari and Greyston Holt to Star in Lifetime's "House of Chains" Debuting September 10th.

If there's one thing Lifetime is going to do it's put out a movie based on actual events! Remember when that story broke about the Turpin family who had a bunch of kids chained inside their house? Well, the execs at Lifetime have gathered all of the details and made a movie about the horrors that took place in that house.

Actors Mena Suvari (American Woman) and Greyston Holt (The Night Agent) star in the disturbing Ripped from The Headlines story from MarVista Entertainment. The film also stars Natalie Jane, Carina London Battrick, Callum McAllister, Aias Dalman, Madeleine Kane, Isla Grimes, Owen Irvin McCullough, Hudson Wurster, Joey Carson and Grayson Taylor-Day as the children at various ages.

House of Chains tells the story of a seemingly normal, suburban family whose dark secrets remained hidden for years. Following their own set of strict religious beliefs, parents Laura and Tye keep their children separated from the outside world. As the children grow older and begin to ask questions Laura and Tye’s authoritarian ways grow stronger leading them down a path of child abuse, neglect and imprisonment. In order to keep their younger siblings safe and to free themselves from the shackles their parents have created the older children band together and risk a harrowing escape to alert authorities and save their family.

The Turpin children lived in horrible conditions their entire lives, only being polished up for photo ops every now and then. Their neglect continued until one child made a brave escape.

Police responded to the Turpin home in Perris, Calif. Jan. 14, 2018, after Jordan, then-17, courageously snuck out and managed to call 911 on her brother’s mostly disabled cellphone.

Officers knocked on the door of the squalid house for more than two minutes before parents David and Louise Turpin answered.

“We were just in bed,” Louise Turpin said, as cops informed her they were there for a welfare check after getting a call from her daughter, the bodycam footage shows.

Once inside, officers encountered mounds of garbage, feces, moldy food, and swarms of dirty, pale and extremely skinny children.

House of Chains is Executive Produced by Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew for MarVista Entertainment (MVE) in association with executive producers Arnie Zipursky and Bonnie Zipursky at Neshama Entertainment. Adam Shepard (MVE) serves as co-executive Producer. Stephen Tolkin writes and directs. House of Chains debuts on Lifetime Saturday September 10th at 8pm EST.


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