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Maryland Man Kills His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend and His Ex-Wife Before Turning the Gun on Himself.

A Maryland father did the unthinkable yesterday after confessing a horrible crime while live on social media.

Rajanee Black, 44, didn't allegedly commit a crime, he told thousands of people what he'd done and his intentions to do more.

In the video, posted here, Black says that he's been going through a very rough and lengthy custody battle between himself and his ex-wife. He said the ex-wife had made allegations against him that he molested and abused his children and that she was threatening to make sure he never saw them again.

Still reeling from his court battles, Black says that he got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child, and she also threatened to make sure that he had no contact with this child either. Black says he never thought he'd "be that guy" but, during the argument he admits to shooting the pregnant woman in the head.

Black went on to say that he needed to get to his ex-wife who started all of his woes and implied that she would be killed as well. He also said that, after killing the ex-wife, he was going to kill himself. The video ends with him saying "oh here's my ex-wife now" as the camera briefly pans to show a woman opening the front door of the home then trying to get back in quickly before Black says "Today's the day". The video cuts there but that's not where the horror ends.

ABC7 reports that according to the Howard County Police Department, officers responded to a shooting at an apartment complex just after 2 p.m. in the 7300 block of Eden Brook Drive in Columbia, Maryland.

When officers arrived they found Wendy Black, 42, and her ex-husband, Rajaee Black, dead in the vestibule of the apartment. Detectives believe the woman is the ex-wife of the male suspect and that he sought her out after committing a similar crime in Baltimore.

Around 1:30pm Black's ex-girlfriend was found dead in her Marshall Street home. Baltimore City police notified Howard County police that there was a post made on social media that the suspect intended on going to Howard County. However, by the time Howard Police we made aware of the video, the shooting had already happened.

Police say the couple's two young children were found unharmed in Black's car in the parking lot of the complex where the shooting occurred. The children have been placed in a safe environment and did not witness the incident, according to police.

We're praying for these poor children who have been left without their mother and their father. This is a reminder for us to pray for our friends who we know are facing a hard time mentally. This should not have happened.

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