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Man Found Shot Dead in His Home After His Blind Wife Calls to Report Him Missing!

In an odd turn of events, Louisiana police found themselves investigating an unsuspected murder. Police in Natchitoches, Louisiana received a call from a woman last Tuesday, December 29, 2021, at 3pm to report that her husband was missing. Authorities say that the woman said she hadn't heard from her husband in about 27 hours and was worried about him.

Deputies arrived at the woman’s home in the 100 block of Levee Road to follow up on 76-year-old William Robert ‘Bob’ Lang Jr.’s disappearance and noticed that his vehicle was in the driveway.

“The responding deputy observed a broken window glass on the residence and requested permission to enter the home to look for Mr. Lang,” according to a press release from the NPSO.

Deputies went to the area where they saw the broken glass and discovered Lang’s body on the ground with several gunshot wounds to his body.

Lang's body was taken for an autopsy and the investigation is being handled as a homicide. After obtaining a search warrant, police searched the home for more evidence and also canvassed the neighborhood searching for witnesses, surveillance video and other evidence. So far, they do not have a suspect or a motive for the murder.

Lang's wife, is visually impaired and did not know that he had been killed in the house and that his body had been there with her the entire time.

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