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Man Arrested in Connection to Woman's Body Found in a Barrel in a Suburban Neighborhood.

Just days before she'll be laid to rest a woman's suspected murder has been arrested.

We broke the story of a woman's body that was found in a barrel in a quiet neighborhood just a few days ago. At the time details were limited but we've since learned that the woman, who was unidentified at the time, was found around 10:30am in a plastic barrel outside of a home.

Neighbors say sanitation crews pick up the garbage on Fridays, so the barrel did not initially appear suspicious but, as time went on more and more residents noticed that the barrel was simply out of place and that it had an odor.

The police were called to the Ridgefield Park neighborhood and that's when the gruesome discovery was made. Inside of the barrel they found the body of a naked woman with no obvious signs of trauma to her body.

It took two officers to lift the barrel and load it onto a police transport. A sight that alarmed neighbors.

According to investigators, Nicole Flanagan, 42, of Connecticut and a mother of three, was last seen in Manhattan entering a Wall Street complex before she was reported missing. It was unclear, at the time, how her body ended up in New Jersey but now, authorities have more answers and, more questions.

Surveillance video showed Flanagan entering a posh building at 95 Wall Street in the Financial District the night before her body was found on Aug. 13. Security footage also shows a man rolling a drum out of the same building and loading it into a U-Haul, the police source said.

After a lengthy, and secretive, investigation police have arrested one suspect, identified as Aquellio Parker, 29, of New York, and they are looking for a second suspect. Police have not identified the second suspect accused of moving Flanagan’s body. Investigators have also not released any information on how Flanagan died.

Flanagan's family say that he had been working as a high end escort and that they hadn't been in contact with her in recent years. They have scheduled her funeral services for this Friday.

Parker has been charged with two counts of conspiring to disturb, move, conceal and/or desecrate a dead body,


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