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Kelly Rowland's Steamy "Hitman" Video! [WATCH]

Kelly Rowland is back with a steamy new video for her single "Hitman". With a beautifully choreographed afro-centric visual, Rowland is serving looks AND LYRICS! "Hitman" is undoubtedly a dance track but, it has a message for women who keep a "plumber" for pipe work!

Check out some of these lyrics:

"It's too perilous take a taste at a time

Confidence you don't waste no time

I need it express, rush that to me

Put it down how it's supposed to be

It's like speed dial, hit one button

On my mind all the time, got my nose open

And now I want it to myself like a gold rush

Can't nobody get it, keep it quiet hush, hush

It's like lemme hit my hitman

Need it one time

When I get 'em on the line

Say beat it up."

Yeah, it's an ode to the "maintenance man" as most women call them but, after this, we think "Hitman" is a more fitting title! Catch the hot video below!

We suspect that Kelly wasn't up getting into the choreo because the video was probably filmed early on in her second pregnancy. Those first few months are crucial and sis doesn't need to be gyrating the youngest Witherspoon baby all over the set. Dancing or not, sis killed the looks in this video!


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