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Brothers, Ages 17 and 18, Allegedly Killed Their Stepfather for Molesting Their Little Sister.

We could probably file this under "street justice" but this case is much more involved than that.

Two young men have been accused of killing their stepfather and dumping his body in McAllen, Texas. The body of Gabriel Quintanilla, 42, was found by a rancher in an open field just a few days ago. According to KRGV, Quintanilla was found with what appeared to be “severe blunt force trauma to his head,” a news release from the Pharr Police Department stated.

Though the body was discovered in McAllen, it is believed that the victim was assaulted in Pharr, according to the news release.

According to reports, the 9-year-old sister of the brothers accused Quintanilla of touching her inappropriately. The brothers then confronted Quintanilla.

When relatives, Alejandro,18, and Christian,17, Treviño, heard they confronted Quintanilla at the residence, which resulted in a physical fight, police said. Quintanilla then left the residence.

Christian ran after the Quintanilla and found him outside an apartment complex down the road by Lyndon and Coyote in Pharr. A second assault then occurred, said the release.

Police then say Alejandro and a driver of a red Dodge Charger, identified as Juan Eduardo Melendez (right), caught up and joined the assault towards Quintanilla.

Melendez was not related to Quintanilla but was a friend to Christian and Alejandro.

The three suspects left the complex, changed vehicles, and drove back in a white Ford F-150. Authorities say the suspects found Quintanilla walking along Veterans Road alone and injured.

Quintanilla was severely beaten for the third time. According to police, Quintanilla was placed in the bed of the truck and taken to Mccoll and Whalen Road where he was dropped off in an open field. Officials believe he was still alive at the time he was left in the field.

Charges are as followed:

  • Alejandro Trevino – Aggravated Assault FV and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

  • Christian Trevino – Aggravated Assault FV and Capital Murder, Engaging In Criminal Activity

  • Juan Eduardo Melendez – Capital Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Engaging in Criminal Activity

Bond has been set at $500,000 for all suspects.

We are never going to agree with taking the law into your own hands but, these brothers did what they felt they had to do to defend their sister. This is truly a sad situation.



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