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Bond Set for Mississippi Woman, Kadejah Brown, Who Shot and Killed Her Husband on Facebook Live.

Just three days after this fateful event, more details have become available in the Facebook live shooting death of Jeremy Rashad Brown.

According to Columbus, Mississippi authorities there was a history of disturbances between Brown and his wife but, none of them had ever been this bad.

Brown, 28, had reportedly been arguing with his wife most of the night before the shooting Saturday over alleged cheating rumors. Brown's wife, Kadejah Michelle Brown, also 28, had been accusing him of infidelity and confronted him over and over about it.

Kadejah had been upset over messages she alleged that her husband had sent to another woman and she posted a screenshot of the conversation that appeared to be one sided. She also posted several other statuses calling him a cheater and saying he had sex with other employees.

As Jeremy was trying to leave the residence he shared with his family in Greentree Apartments complex, Kadejah went live on Facebook to presumably shame him. During the argument, Kadejah sets her phone down. You can hear an audible scuffle and Kadejah taunting Jeremy. What started as an argument turned deadly when a gun, thought to have been carried by Jeremy, was pulled by Kadejah. Just after the argument was seemingly dying down, another woman in the home, presumed to be Kadejah's mother, was chastising the couple for arguing in front of their children. Then, you hear a gunshot.

The couple had just celebrated their anniversary on March 5th and twenty days later the husband and father of four was dead.

The couple's four children, an 8-year-old boy, 7-year-old girl a toddler and an infant, were all inside the home at the time of the incident. To hear the children screaming and crying as their father lay dead was absolutely heartbreaking.

Kadejah's phone remained recording as screams for help rang out and you can hear her apologizing to Jeremy for shooting him. The police arrived on the scene around 7:30am, along with an emergency medical crew. Jeremy was pronounced dead at the scene and Kadejah was arrested. Police did recover a 9mm gun and one shell casing at the scene.

Lowndes County Sheriff Eddie Hawkins has said that, at this moment, Kadejah Brown has been charged with murder and her bond has been set at $750,000. Coroner Greg Merchant said an autopsy is scheduled for Jeremy Brown.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will report as more details become available.


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