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#BlackGirlMagic National Scripps Spelling Bee Champ, Zaila Avant-garde, Named Sports Kid of the Year

There's a lot of things that you can deny in the world but, you CAN'T deny the absolute phenomenon that is Zaila Avant-garde! Avant-garde won the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee and made her way into the hearts of an entire nation with her smile, and jubilant jump for joy! Take a look.

Avant-garde was the first African-American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship since 1998! When speaking of her historic win Avant-garde said “It’s kind of bittersweet for me. I’m super happy to be the first African-American girl to win. But also it’s like, this should not be happening. I should not be the only one doing it.”

She isn't just talented with it comes to words though. Avant-garde is a beast with the basketball as well! She even holds a world record for her abilities!

One of the world records she holds is the Guinness World Record for most bounce juggles with both three and four balls in a minute, most bounces with four balls in 30 seconds and tied the record for most balls dribbled at the same time with six, according to

The homeschooled ninth grader is also a beast on the court.

“I love to pass and give assists because I love to get my other teammates involved and just make them happy and make their days go better,” she says, before adding: “And, uh, I also like to score. Don’t mess with me because if you make me angry, I am definitely scoring on you the next time down.”

For her excellence in competition and her devotion to learning, Zaila Avant-garde is the 2021 SportsKid of the Year and we couldn't think of a better candidate!

Avant-garde's father, Jawara Spacetime, says that he saw something unique in his daughter when she was three and began to cultivate her talents.

Parents, let this be a lesson to you, when you see that your child has a knack for something different, encourage them to try it out. You never know, you may just have the next astronaut, scientist or mathematical genius sitting in your lap.


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