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Black Sportscaster Loses His Job After Racist Comments He Made About Natives Surface Years Later!

We need to file this under "When trying to fit in goes wrong"!

A Black radio sportscaster lost his job after comments he made, in the studio, about Native Americans surfaced.

The damning conversation happened between Austintown, Ohio native, Sam Mayes and his colleague Cara Rice, back in 2016. The pair were talking, between on-air sets, about why they felt Native Americans were having a difficult time. The conversation between the two happened during a commercial break, but the microphones were still on and being recorded.

First, a man believed to be Mayes states, “What’s the excuse for the Natives that they haven’t been fighting to get this thing changed forever?”

Then, a woman believed to be Rice says, “They’ve been too drunk to organize.”

The man then says, “Hashtag Lysol,” and the woman responds by saying, “Hashtag gold spray paint out of the trash.” This is reportedly referencing huffing, the practice of inhaling aerosols to become intoxicated.

They go on to say, “Hashtag we are all gonna lose our jobs one day,” Mayes added. Rice replied, “One day, one of these microphones will be left on.”

If this wasn't a prophetic exchange, I don't know what is!

Mayes grew up in Austintown, a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio, that is predominantly white and, it's clear that he thinks that poking fun at other races is the thing to do. Like, seriously, do you not know the historical ties between Native Americans and enslaved Africans. Both were brutalized by the same people who came to this country to destroy and conquer.

Either way, Mayes was dead wrong for saying what he said and, he deserved what he got. He released an audio statement sharing his side of the story and released it via Twitter. He says, in part, “I received a call from Tyler Media regarding recording of a private conversation in 2016, that from my understanding was obtained illegally, it was not a hot mic situation,” he says in the statement.

He goes on to say that he asked a question to his co-worker, where he was genuinely curious as to what sparked the Washington NFL team to change their name. He says his co-worker responded with “distasteful, racially charged comments,” that he, “did not dispute, but made light of with the response of ‘Hashtag Lysol,'” he said.

He says, “The remarks that came next by my co-worker made me very uncomfortable and I ended the conversation by stating, ‘That kind of talk would get us fired.'”

Here's the other piece to the puzzle though, Mayes was fired but, will Rice be fired as well?

According to The Last Ogle, she has!

Mayes spent eight years with The Franchise, joining the sports radio station for its launch in 2013. The longtime radio host, Oklahoma State University alumnus and star lineman filled a variety of time slots during his tenure with The Franchise, most recently working on the station’s afternoon show.


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