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Black Owned Toy Company Set to Create Dolls Based on "The Proud Family" Characters for Disney!

With "The Proud Family" making a return to Disney, new doors are opening up all around. "The Proud Family" is a hit animated television show that ran on the Disney channel from 2001-2005. It showcased the life of Penny Proud, voiced by Kyla Pratt, and all of the shenanigans that she managed to get in with her friends.

The family in her home was multi-generational with her parents, Oscar and Trudy, voiced by Tommy Davidson and Paula Jai Parker, her younger siblings, the twins BeBe and CeCe, and her grandmother, Sugar Mama, voiced by Jo Marie Payton. Of course, there was a family dog and tons of preteen friends running rampant throughout the house.

All of this action and excitement from 20 years ago has young parents wanting to take playtime to a different level with their children. Think about it, with the debut of "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" on Disney+ just yesterday, how cool would it be to play with toys from the show with your children who are just learning about its greatness?

Enter Dr. Lisa Williams and World of EPI (Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration). The World of EPI is the leading multicultural toy manufacturer and they just announced a partnership and collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing to create fashion dolls, collectible figurines, and accessories for the new Disney+ series “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” and the upcoming Marvel’s “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” series on Disney Channel.

According to Black Enterprise, World of EPI will create a series of 10” fashion dolls with rooted hair, collectible figurines, poseable plush, role-play accessories, and more based on the ethnically diverse characters. Each doll and figurine will exemplify the distinct characteristics of each character, and celebrate diversity, self-love, and empowerment.

“It speaks volumes that Disney has collaborated with us on these high-profile projects,” Dr. Williams said in a press release.

“Our mission is to create dolls so children of all ethnicities and colors can grow up seeing a true representation of their beauty. What a dream to create licensed dolls and toys for these powerhouses Disney and Marvel properties. Together we’re changing how Black and brown children everywhere embrace their own beauty and build their confidence.”

The World of EPI is committed to authentic representation to help children see their true beauty and brilliance. The company creates unique sculpts that are true pieces of art, created to empower all kids. The characters have beautiful full lips, custom-blended skin tones and more representative articulated bodies. The collections feature hair textures and styles ranging from afro, afro puffs, wavy, braids and straight.

Everything is mindfully and intentionally done to represent the beauty in multicultural children.

If you are looking to purchase dolls from this company and support this business, you can find them here. Their dolls are absolutely gorgeous and their pricing is comparable to what you would pay to any other company. Sometimes LESS! Remember The World of EPI and "The Fresh Dolls" when you're purchasing for your children this year!


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