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Missing Pregnant New York Mom Found Dead!

Just days after we reported that Elizabeth Garrow was missing, we are extremely saddened to report that she has been found dead.

The 19-year-old mother of one had gone missing after meeting with her estranged husband, George McDonald Jr., 24, at an area restaurant. Her family instantly knew something was wrong when she didn't answer their calls or text messages. Garrow's family said that she was six weeks pregnant by McDonald who, they say, she met via Facebook earlier this year and quickly married.

Garrow's family said that McDonald was abusive to her and "forced her to tattoo his name" on her body. The pair split but, allegedly met at a public place to discuss their failing marriage and their unborn baby.

Garrow was never seen alive again.

Madison County authorities say that they have surveillance video of Garrow at the Dunkin restaurant and have several persons of interest in the case. McDonald was arrested on unrelated charges at that time.

A search party launched over the weekend to look for Garrow and, on Sunday, one of the 75 volunteers found the body of a woman that matched Garrow's description.

The body was positively identified as that of Elizabeth Garrow, because of her tattoo, and her official cause of death has been listed as homicide. Now, authorities are saying that McDonald is the sole suspect in the case of his wife's murder.

McDonald isn't a stranger to the justice system. He was arrested in 2019 for assault and endangering the welfare of a child. There is no word on his relationship to that child.

Garrow's family knew that he had been abusing and controlling Garrow and urged her to leave him but, she'd always go back because she needed his financial support. He called Garrow vulgar, mean names and insulted her daughter, they said. He broke the baby’s crib and cut up her mattress; and he smashed two of Garrow’s phones, they said. He refused to let her go out. And when he got mad, he choked and beat her, they said.

On Sept. 8, Lizzie sent her sister, Melissa Bush, a text message that said: “George choked me so badly yesterday."

In another text message, she showed her sister photos of marks on her neck.

“He f----d me up,” Garrow wrote.

According to reports McDonald was charged Sept. 7 with criminal obstruction of breathing, a misdemeanor. Police confirmed Garrow was the victim.

About a week later, Bush said she took Garrow to a hospital after McDonald punched her in the face. That’s when Garrow learned she was pregnant, Bush said.

Garrow went home and told McDonald they were expecting a baby. He didn’t believe his wife at first, but after she took multiple home pregnancy tests he said he was happy, Bush said. He said he wanted to make the relationship work, but he continued to beat Garrow up, Bush said.

This beautiful woman is dead and her young daughter will never know her. Ladies, please, if you see signs of controlling or manipulative behavior in your mate, take that as a sign to leave. If you need help, click here for more information. Your life has value.


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