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Middle School Teacher Caught Allegedly Sexting a Student.

A Tampa, Florida teacher is facing some serious charges after he allegedly sent sexual photos to one of his students.

Deputies in Hillsborough County began investigating James Michaud, 28, on Saturday after the parents of the 13-year-old victim filed a complaint against the Greco Middle School AVID teacher.

Michaud, who is said to be a 6th and 8th grade AVID coordinator/teacher, allegedly sent the sexually explicit photos to the teen on numerous occasions through social media.

“It’s sickening to know an adult, entrusted to educate & mentor our children, abused his position to prey on this young victim,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister on Twitter. “We are thankful for the victim’s parents who spoke up and possibly prevented other students from being taken advantage of.”

School district spokeswoman Erin Maloney says Michaud has resigned from his position.

There are no details on how the teen's parents discovered the messages or what exactly was contained in the messages. Whatever the messages were, they contained enough evidence to arrest Michaud.

Michaud is charged with unlawful use of a two-way communications device, transmission of harmful material to a minor and authority figure soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct with a student.

We strongly urge all parents to routinely check your children's social media accounts and text messages. There are too many cases like these and not all of them end favorably.


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