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Missing Pennsylvania Woman, Sabrina DuBose, Found Dead in Vacant Lot.

More than a month after she'd been reported missing, Sabrina DuBose's body has been found. On May 22nd the Ardmore, Pennsylvania woman was reported missing by her family after she failed to return home.

DuBose was last seen on the SEPTA transit system where witnesses say she met a man who was believed to be responsible for her disappearance.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Kareem Malik Davis-Duppins, 26, confessed Tuesday to killing Sabrina DuBose, 25, and led authorities to her body, which was wrapped in a trash bag, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said. The Upper Darby man has been charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and related crimes.

Police were led to Davis-Duppins by cell phone records, video from surveillance cameras outside the train station, a handful of witnesses in whom he confided — including an aunt, an uncle, and a friend who served as a lookout, authorities said, as he moved the victim’s body in a leaking box from the building where he killed her.

The defendant was first confronted by police on May 29 but denied involvement in DuBose’s disappearance, according to charging documents. He was not arrested at that time.

Police believe that DuBose and Davis-Duppins met on the train in Philadelphia, and after they got off at the 69th Street Station in Upper Darby walked to an apartment building at 2 Copley Road, where Davis-Duppins worked as a maintenance man.

Davis-Duppins told authorities that he and DuBose went into a building where he worked and that he paid her $140 to perform a sex act. He says that at some point, during their interaction, DuBose struck her head on a radiator and knocked herself out. He went on to say that when she came to, she started screaming that she was being raped. He then panicked and began to squeeze her throat with both hands choking her until she died. In his statement he says that he then placed her body in an elevator shaft in the building before moving it on May 29 to the lot in East Germantown.

This story sounds super fishy and unrealistic if you ask us. How could she "somehow" hit her own head on a radiator and knock herself out. If she's unconscious, why did he continue to have sex with her and not seek help? We're no Nancy Drew or Olivia Benson but we know a lie when we hear one.

Kareen Davis-Duppins is being held in a Delaware County prison without bond as he should be.


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