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Good in the Hood. Master P Offers Free Housekeeping and Hand Sanitizer for NOLA's Elderly.

Master P has ALWAYS been an innovator and a man who, if nothing else, wants to change the lives of those around him. With the onset of COVID-19, and the way it has changed the way we Americans live, Master P took the lemons we were all given and made lemonade for others.

According to TMZ, Master P is looking to help "anyone over 60 years old in NOLA can sign up for a deep cleaning of their home, and also get 2 types of hand sanitizers. It's all free, and all they gotta do is show their ID."

Why seniors? People aged 60+ are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 because they are, more often than not, immunocompromised.

This isn't the only thing Master P is doing for the community during this pandemic either. He has been making cash donations to fund COVID-19 relief, bought groceries and even given away free hand sanitizer to the community.

To check out his cleaning products, visit his website Master Clean Life.

This, good people, is how you use your influence and platform to help others.

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