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FIVE Teenagers Charged with Murdering 16-Year-Old in Mississippi.

16-year-old Madison Harris died Monday night after an altercation turned deadly. Police were called to the 2000 block of Rustwood Drive, Harris' home, shortly around 2 p.m. on reports of a medical emergency. When they arrived they found the teen shot and had her transported to a local hospital.

Harris died around 3:30pm after undergoing emergency surgery.

Reports say that five juveniles attempted to rob the home where Harris (left) lived and she was shot in an altercation. After the shooting the five teens fled in multiple directions, leading police to canvas the neighborhood looking for them. Witness statements and evidence found at the scene of the murder led investigators to locate all five suspects shortly after the shooting and piece together what happened to Harris.

The teenagers are identified as follows: Yakeshia L. Blackmon, 17; Willow O. Blackmon, 15; Jasmine Joy-Sade Kelley, 15; Jarvis Jermaine Cook, 17; and Jaquez Devonte Porter, 17.

Two of the teens, Yakeshia Blackmon,left, and Willow Blackmon, right, were taken into custody outside of a house located across the street from where Madison Harris was shot and killed.

None of the suspects have given a reason why they chose to rob Harris and it's unclear which of the kids brought the gun that ended her life. It has been alleged that some of the accused were "friends" of Harris' and she was an unsuspecting victim.

There's also the racial component to the case that needs to be addressed. Many on social media are saying that if the races were reversed, this would have been classified as a hate crime while others are saying the charges would be much lighter. All five have been charged with capital murder.

A $1 million bond was set for all of the suspects except Jarvis Cook, who was already out on bond for an aggravated assault he is accused of committing last year in Gulfport. Cook is being held without bond.

We don't know what's going on with the world today but, it's definitely praying time!


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