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Black History Maker: Nurse Turns Coach into a Mobile Boutique for Plus Sized Women!

From time to time we like to spotlight everyday people who are doing extraordinary things and this woman is doing exactly that! A nurse by day, entrepreneur at heart, LaKeesha Eldridge-Moore turned a lifelong struggle into a profitable business.

About a year ago Moore got an idea to launch her city's first mobile boutique for plus sized women. The idea stemmed from her own experience shopping in "regular" stores for plus sized clothing. “I would go shopping and there would be things where they were too small, ill-fitted or a flowery print, or something I just did not want to wear,” she said. With the help of her husband, Richard, she purchased a "coach" van and turned it into a work of art!

“The uniqueness of the bus is that it’s able to travel from one side of town to the next. So, I don’t have to stay in one spot. I can go reach my customers on the west side and then maybe go downtown some days and then go to the south,” Moore said.

Big Girl Swag by Keesha caters to women sizes 1-6x and offers them trendy and stylish options and NOT their regular "run of the mill" flowery muumuus!

In my line of work, I'm always looking for a great garment that I can wear to an event, a photo shoot or just to the radio station during the day. I've been an online shopper, mostly shopping at that one popular online store with the curvy option, but always apprehensive about the fit of clothes that I can't physically try on. Big Girl Swag by Keesha changed that in a major way.

I stopped by the mobile boutique on it's launch day to check out the threads and I was blown away. Big Girl Swag has tons of options to suit every single need and figure. The clothes are great quality, fashionable AND affordable! The mobile boutique even has a sitting area and fitting room just in case you want to try something on!

Needless to say, I left my first shopping experience with half of a rack in my bag and still had money in my pocket. It was a WIN WIN! Everything I bought fit perfectly and the quality of the material was superb.

“I feel like, even though we are bigger, we still deserve to have the same fashion that fits our style,” Moore says. This is fashion that fits our style and definitely our budgets.

If you're in the Youngstown/Warren, Ohio area, check out Big Girl Swag by Keesha. If you're not, be sure to visit their Facebook page, she'll be shipping shortly!

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