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Father Who Killed Young Daughter by Locking Them Both in a Burning Car Dies Months Later.

Back in May of 2019 we brought you the horrifying story of how Martin Pereira killed his young daughter by literally burning her to death.

Pereira rigged a propane tank to leak into the car, chained the doors shut, and lit the vehicle ablaze with himself and his daughter inside. Zoey Pereira ,3,— who was in her car seat — was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly thereafter. Her father was medically sedated after he allegedly jumped into a nearby pond and attempted to hide from authorities.

It was reported that Pereira did this heinous act to get back at the child's mother. The estranged couple had been at odds for quite some time in a custody battle when Pereira told Cherone Coleman, Zoey's mother, " You'll never see your daughter again."

Coleman admitted that she thought he was going to do something to HER and not their daughter.

She had recently gone to court to have their visitation and custody agreement modified with Pereira. The judge in charge of the case denied her request and allowed Pereira to take Zoey that day.

In hindsight, Coleman says that she wishes she had just kept Zoey "and went to jail" for it.

Pereira had been charged with murder, arson, and reckless endangerment in connection with Zoey's death but, he'd never been prosecuted due to the severity of his injuries.

Martin Pereira died Tuesday at Jamaica Hospital after suffering for months from extensive burns sustained during the May 5 inferno that killed his daughter, Zoey, sources said.

To those of us on the outside looking in, this looks like the closing chapter of a nightmare but, to this mother who has to live without her child, it's a way of life.


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