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93-Year-Old Man Shoots Apartment Maintenance Worker Over Water Damage!

In what appeared to be an old school mafia shooting 93-year-old Robert Thomas got what he feels was revenge! Thomas was caught ON CAMERA shooting a maintenance worker at his apartment complex in both legs.

Allegedly Thomas went to the office to voice his grievances about water damage that had been caused by flooding in his Nevada apartment.

Office surveillance footage shows Thomas entering the office and pulling out a handgun.

"A woman sitting at a desk near the door stood up and called 911 after Thomas shot a computer on the other side of the room.

Thomas eventually let the woman leave the office, but while she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, Thomas shot the maintenance worker in the right leg, the footage showed.

Officer Ronald Hornyak, 45, and his partner arrived just as Thomas shot the worker again, this time in the left leg.

Hornyak fired one round from his handgun through the glass door. The round pierced the lapel of Thomas’ jacket but did not strike him, police said Monday.

Thomas, who has no criminal history, was pulled through the doorway and taken into custody shortly after Hornyak shot at him.

Both the maintenance worker and Thomas, who suffered a cut on his head while being taken into custody, were taken to University Medical Center.

They were both treated and released Friday, and police said the maintenance worker is recovering well at home.

Thomas was being held at the Clark County Detention Center on charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, burglary with a gun, and discharging a gun inside a structure or prohibited area."

Somebody's pawpaw was mad!


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