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Man Murders SnapChat Date After Learning that She was Transgender.

18-year-old Nikki Kuhnhausen first met David Bogdanov, of Washington, on the popular social media app SnapChat. The two agreed to meet months ago and that was the last time Nikki's family saw her alive. The teen was last seen leaving her home on June 5, 2019. A missing person's report was filed, search party organized but, there was no sign of Nikki anywhere.

A full six months later, on December 7th, a passerby found Nikki's remains in a wooded area.

Nikki and Bogdanov, 25, had planned to meet the day she disappeared. Authorities say cell phone records, for the day she went missing,show Bogdanov's cell phone was in the same remote area where her body was found.

According to KATU:

“We suspect that there was probably some interaction where - and by his own admission - that he determined that, somehow found out during conversation that she was transgender and he stated that he - that was offensive to his culture and he asked her to get out of his van,” said Lieutenant Tom Ryan of the Vancouver Police Dept. Major Crimes Unit.

By the end of October, detectives were able to get this search warrant.

During an interview with detectives, Bogdonov said he and Nikki had been together in early June, they "had a conflict" and he asked Nikki to get out of his van. Bogdonov told them that Nikki walked away and he never saw her after that."

"Investigators said they believe Bogdanov met Kuhnhausen the morning she disappeared, killed her, and may have driven his white van - or one like it - up to Larch Mountain.

"The cause of death is always found by the medical examiner's office. There was some evidence that indicates at least the potential of some strangulation involved," Lt. Ryan said.

Bogdanov is expected to make his first appearance on second-degree murder charges Wednesday morning at the Clark County courthouse.He's being held without bail."

This didn't have to end like this. Our prayers for Nikki's family.


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