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Sedatives Found in Kamille McKinney's System. Suspect Purchased Erectile Dysfunction Pills!

Testimonies have begun in the preliminary hearing for Patrick Stallworth who's accused of abducting and murdering 3-year-old Kamille McKinney in October. Stallworth,39, and his girlfriend, 29-year-old Derick Irisha Brown, are charged with capital murder of a child under the age of 14 after allegedly luring Kamille to their van while she was outside at a party.

The search for Kamille lasted for 10 days until her remains were found. Now, those remains tell the horrific story of just what happened to little Kamille.

An autopsy determined that Kamille died shortly after her abduction from asphyxiation by suffocation. It also stated that the toddler had toxic levels of methamphetamine and Trazodone, an anti-depressant, in her body. Stallworth has a prescription for Trazodone and admits that both he and Brown take them because she "likes the way it makes her feel".

Children who were in the area the day of the abduction say that Stallworth was passing out candy and trying to get them to get into his vehicle. reports "During 2 1/2 hours of testimony Tuesday, lead homicide Det. Jonathan Ross chronicled the actions of Stallworth and Brown on that Saturday leading up to Kamille’s disappearance later that night, including newly-released information that Stallworth bought $18.91 cents worth of candy at a Shell station near Tom Brown Village.

Phone records put Stallworth at Tom Brown Village at the time of the abduction, and it was Stallworth who had a prescription for Trazodone. Also on the night of the abduction, testimony showed, Stallworth went to a convenience store near his home to buy an energy drink and a pill for erectile dysfunction.

Five minutes after buying the candy, two preteen girls were leaving cheerleading practice from Hayes K-8 when the two approached them in a blue SUV, Ross said. One of the girls, age 11, said Stallworth told her, "I’m looking for a girl that looks like you,'' Ross testified.

The girls said the man offered them candy. They became apprehensive and the other girl said, “Let’s go.” There was security video from Hayes to back up their story, but it was not close enough to show the occupants. The girls described the female with the male as “dark-skinned” and “chunky.”

Brown and Stallworth were originally going to be tried together but have turned against each other. It was Brown who showed authorities where Kamille's body could be found but Stallworth says that he originally agreed to take the wrap for the case because of his love for Brown and he had nothing to do with the abduction or the murder.

A 10-year-old male witness claims to differ. He says that he say the man give Kamille candy and that she got into the man's van and "she was crying".

Stallworth says that he saw Kamille on the night of her disappearance at Brown's apartment. He claims to have walked in and saw Brown sitting on the couch with Kamille and saying "that's not your child". Stallworth then says that Brown told him that she wanted to “keep” Kamille and then suggest Stallworth “do something sexual to the child.’

Stallworth said he refused and went outside to smoke a cigarette. Later, Stallworth said, “Brown put her hands over Cupcake’s nose and mouth.” He described to the detective that Kamille was then “asleep.”

Stallworth also said Brown had removed the girl’s hair bows and clothes and given her a bath.

Stallworth said the next thing he remembered was waking up in bed the following day with Brown next to him.

After hearing the story from the girls leaving cheerleading practice, detectives began to canvass the businesses around Tom Brown Village in search of additional video evidence.

It was at the Shell station they retrieved surveillance video of the blue SUV – later determined to be a Toyota Sequoia – pulling up to the gas pumps. A man – later identified as Stallworth – entered the store where he bought $18.91 worth of candy. That was at 12:02 p.m. Saturday. It was at 12:07 p.m. that they approached the cheerleaders."

Through tons of surveillance footage the detectives on this case have been able to trace Stallworth's movements on the day Kamille was taken right down to the second he's seen talking to her and when the young girl follows him out of camera view and never seen alive again.

Stallworth's cellphone records are also being used to track his movements. He consented to a search and authorities found child pornography, none of which showed the victim.

The autopsy of Kamille's remains show that she'd been given drugs but died due to asphyxiation. Kamille’s mouth, vagina and anus were all swabbed for DNA and there was no sign of sexual assault. However, the reports say that the condition of Kamille’s body by the time it was found made it difficult to tell what, if anything, had been done to her sexually.

This is such a tragic case. This baby did not have to die just because two people had some sick fantasy. Our hearts go out to Kamille's family.


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