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11-Month-Old Baby Shot While Riding in the Backseat of His Step-Mother's Car.

An 11-month-old baby was shot three times last night while riding in the backseat of his step-mother's car.

Police in North Philadelphia say that the step-mother was driving down West Luzerne Street when she heard gunshots. She kept driving, speeding up, through the area and arrived at her destination ten minutes later. It wasn't until she got out of her car that she realized her car had been hit by the gunfire and that the baby in her backseat was also hit.

The unidentified woman rushed the baby to Einstein Medical Center. The child was then transferred to St. Christopher's Hospital and is currently in extremely critical condition suffering wounds to the head, chest and buttocks.

No arrests have been made and the authorities are still investigating. Neighbors in the area say that hearing gunshots is normal for them.

At this time the child's condition is said to be "not good" by those close to the investigation.

Here's a question we're struggling with: Didn't the step-mother realize that the child was screaming in pain as opposed to just normal baby cries? WE ARE NOT accusing her in any way however, we have additional questions for this story.


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