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Texas Toddler Found Dead and His Aunt's Boyfriend is to Blame. She Says "He Wouldn't Do

18-month-old Cedric "CJ" Jackson Jr. was reported missing from his Dallas, Texas home late Wednesday night. An Amber Alert was put in place and police officers began frantically searching for the young boy. That search came to a halt just 12 hours later when his body was found in a landfill.

To make matters worse the suspect in this case is the boyfriend of the child's aunt. CJ's aunt, Crystal Jackson, was the legal guardian of the child and was in the home when he went missing.

According to KHOU, here is a timeline:

"11 p.m.: The aunt told police that she put Cedric to bed Tuesday around 11 p.m.

Tuesday night: A child inside the condo told Jackson that she saw someone, who looked like a close family friend, take Cedric from the home overnight, Geron said.

The girl said she hid when she saw the man and didn't say anything until the next morning because she was afraid, police said.

6 a.m.: Crystal Jackson told police she woke up seven hours after putting Cedric to bed to discover him missing at her Lake Highlands condominium.

When she had last seen Cedric, or 'CJ' as he's called by his family, he was wearing only a diaper."

Court documents show Johnson told police he tightly wrapped the 18-month-old child in a blanket to restrict the boy’s movement. According to an arrest warrant, Johnson told police he swaddled the child regularly after the boy made a mess with ketchup packets.

The arrest warrant went on to say Johnson woke up to Cedric crying. As he unwrapped the boy from the swaddle, Cedric began throwing up, he allegedly told investigators.

Police say Johnson admitted to them that he put the child in his car, and placed his body in a dumpster in northeast Dallas.

None of the neighbors in the apartment complex believe the abduction story but it seems, Jackson isn't willing to believe her boyfriend would harm her nephew. Even AFTER he admitted it. Check out her interview, mannerisms and mood switch up.

This story is very similar to that of 4-year-old Maleah Davis who was reported missing in May. Her mother's boyfriend was charged with her murder when police found her body along an Arkansas highway in a garbage bag.

Just like Maleah's mother knew more than she initially let on, we're thinking this aunt, Crystal Jackson, does too!


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