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Iowa College Football Star Shot in Both Knees by New Jersey Cops After Playing with Fireworks.

21-year-old Davonte Moore was playing with fireworks with his friend late last night. What started out as two friends having fun with Roman candles, ended with both young men laying in hospital beds.

Moore, who is a gifted football player for Iowa Western Community College, was shot three times (at least once in each knee) by police who were called to the scene.

No one knows what led to the police being called, or what led to them opening fire on the young men but, Moore's mother is demanding answers. She fears, because of the nature and location of his injuries, that her son may not be able to play the game he loves so much, ever again.

A police spokesperson told the "There are no indications of any violations of the Attorney General guidelines on the officers’ part.

'As per our standard practice, any use of force by JCPD is immediately turned over for investigation to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, an independent and professional agency with complete oversight and prosecutorial authority.

'We ask anyone with any information as well as all other inquiries regarding this matter contact the HCPO.'"

The other young man, 19, has not been identified but hospital representatives have said that he was treated for his injuries and released around 5:30am this morning. The other victim says that they were simply playing with the Roman candles and the next thing he knew, the cops showed up and started shooting.

There's definitely more to this story and, much like Moore's mother, we need some answers!


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