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Philadelphia Cop Caught on Camera Yanking Black Woman by Her Hair.

It seems like every other day we learn of some injustice or mistreatment of the Black women in this country. The abuse isn't concentrated to one state, one region or one time zone. It's widespread disrespect and it's exhausting.

New viral video posted on Wednesday shows a Philadelphia officer, in the process of arresting a woman, grab her by her hair, kick out her legs and fling her to the ground. The assault was recorded by Francisco Harris who posted it to Facebook.

In the video the woman, identified as Na-sha Lockett, tells the officer to "Get the f**k off me" and when he doesn't she threatens "I'm about to spit on you" and that's when the officer appears to lose self control.

The Philadelphia Police Department was contacted for a statement by Philadelphia CBS to which they responded:

“The Police Department is aware of a video, depicting the arrest of a citizen, which surfaced on social media yesterday,” the department said in a statement. “We take all matters involving the application of force seriously. Accordingly, the incident is being investigated by the Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility/Internal Affairs Division.

”The Fraternal Order of Police says it is aware of the video.

“We’re aware of the incident. It’s currently under investigation and we won’t second-guess officers out in the street doing a difficult job. We’ll have more to say when the investigation is complete,” said union president John McNesby."

Lockett spoke to NBC Philadelphia after the arrest to explain her side of the story. "I was trying to get up, I was trying to use my knees to get up. Then he got on top of me and I started saying I have asthma and started crying," she said.

"[The officers] were being disrespectful the whole time," Lockett said. "They could have done a little more. They could have asked questions."

Lockett acknowledged she was wrong to threaten to spit on the officer, but argued that his response was still unwarranted.

"You dragged me to the ground. You slammed me, pulled my hair. You did too much," she said.

Lockett said she spent the night in jail before disorderly conduct charges were dropped the next morning.

Doesn't it seem odd that the charges are almost always dropped after the police get caught doing you dirty?


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