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Anything for "Likes" and "Shares"! Florida Woman "Kills" Boyfriend on

A Miami, Florida woman who goes by the Internet handle of "Smiley" is in BIG trouble after she pulled a horrible stunt for the 'gram! The young mother was seen on video pulling up to her boyfriend, whom she'd accused of cheating, and shooting him while he was seated in his car. As with all seemingly planned acts of violence today, "Smiley" has a friend record the incident as it happens. The clip, which has now been scrubbed right along with her social media existence, shows the entire altercation as if it was a well orchestrated soap opera. . .

Here's the problem, it WAS a staged event for "likes" and internet popularity but it backfired in the best way possible. The Miami-Dade police are now investigating and there's possible talk that she may lose custody of her son!

"It's under investigation,' MDPD spokesman Chris Thomas told the Miami Herald last week. 'We're try to find out if it's legitimate or not. We don't know.'

By Friday afternoon, Smiley showed up to the police station - but with a red wig -to prove she did not really shoot the man in the video.

In a now-deleted Instagram post she claimed the police were threatening to take her son away if she did not prove her 'boyfriend' in the video was alive.

'It's called motherf****** acting. Thank you, I know I'm good at it,' she said in the video.'

The feds and s*** got involved and they trying to snatch my son. And I got 24 hours to let these people know he alive,' she said while urging her 36,000 followers to tag the man in the video.

The man refers to himself as 'Mr Viral' and says in his Instagram bio that he is an actor."

One of these days folks are going to learn not to play so much! In another video "Smiley" defends her good acting skills but makes a plea to the "boyfriend" who has seemingly "ghosted" on her and won't return her calls for help.

Not even going to lie, if I were him, I'd hide out a little longer and let sis sweat it out! Pushing the envelope with these kinds of stunts, IN TODAY'S SOCIETY, aren't good. As a film producer, when acting, there are permits you have to file to be able to use a prop gun in public. The police have to be notified and sometimes on sight. Now, what if some Nosey Nancy had called the cops on her for having a gun in public and they showed up and shot her dead? IT'S FLORIDA! Home of shoot now, question later!

This could have been all bad for every family involved. I hope she learned her lesson!


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