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Issa Set Up! After Being "Job Shamed" Actor Geoffrey Owens Comes Back with a BIG Win!

Last week a recent photo of 80's-90's, Cosby Show, actor Geoffrey Owens went viral showing him working *gasp* a regular job!! The photo was snapped of him as he worked his "day job" at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey. Many news outlets ran the photo (we posted it briefly to social media) with the story of how the actor had allegedly fallen from grace and was reduced to work a "regular" job.

The sudden interest in Owens caused him to speak publicly about the "hurt" and "devastation" he felt after being shamed in public for earning an honest living. He spoke with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America to set the record straight. When asked about his "job shaming" Owens said that "No job is better than another. . . every job is worthwhile and valuable."

In the middle of this sandstorm, Tyler Perry reached out to Owens to throw his hat in the ring and offer him a job.

As of yet, there's no word on whether or not Owens will leave his job at Trader Joe's and join Tyler Perry's crew. In the meantime he's receiving accolades from famous folks such as D.L. Hughley, Halle Berry and former Cosby Show actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner (who played Theo Huxtable) took to social media to say:

"Just when most of us get sick and tired of social media and how heartbreaking it can be, something heartwarming like this happens. I can't express to you how full my heart is seeing how social media has rallied behind and supports Geoffrey Owens. Geoffrey is a good dude. It's actually a distinguishing quality of his. So it's no wonder that he is willing to do whatever he needs to do legally to take care of his family. What people don't know about Geoffrey is that not only did he graduate cum laude from Yale, but he is an accomplished theater actor (pre and post Cosby). His intimate knowledge of Shakespeare as an actor and director puts many of us to shame. And in a way we should thank Fox News and the miserable fucks for their attempt to job shame him. With the love and support he's getting from everybody, he's about to get more work. Trader Joe's is not a career change, you dumbfucks out there, it's a placeholder gig that allows flexibility to go on auditions and then to take time off to go work when booking said auditions. An actor's life is a series of ups and downs. As my mama used to tell me when I was a teenager, if you're in this business long enough, you will have dry spells. Watch this be the kickstart this dry spell needed! Salute and MAD respect to bro #GeofferyOwens."

Whatever God is doing, we know it's going to be amazing. Sometimes the setback is a set up for great things to come! We'll definitely be keeping our eyes open for more acting roles featuring Geoffrey Owens!

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