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Father Charged with Drunk Driving in Accident that Claimed the Life of 4-Year-Old Girl.

4-year-old Autumn Young died early yesterday morning after her father lost control of a go-cart they were riding in. When we originally posted the story yesterday, we knew something wasn't quite right. For starters, the accident happened at almost three o'clock in the morning when most people would be asleep.

It wasn't something any of us thought that a logical person would choose as an activity for children late at night. We prayed there wasn't more to the story. . . but of course, there was.

"A 29-year-old Detroit man has been arraigned with drunken driving and child abuse over a Wednesday morning go-kart crash that killed his 4-year-old daughter and injured another daughter, 5, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced Thursday.

Ollante Young was driving with the two girls about 2:50 a.m. when Young's go-kart crashed into a parked car on the 19800 block of St. Marys, prosecutors said. The area is north of West Seven Mile and west of Greenfield.

A family member identified the deceased girl as Autumn Young. A GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for her funeral expenses.

The 5-year-old girl has survived and her injuries aren't thought to be life-threatening.

The recovered go-kart "had one seat and was not equipped with headlights or seat belts," a statement from the prosecutor's office said.

Prosecutors allege that Young was driving drunk at the time of the crash. Young is charged with operating while intoxicated, causing death, two counts of second-degree child abuse, and two counts of operating while intoxicated with an occupant under age 16."

This story is about as sad as it gets. Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with the Young family.

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