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When White Privilege Goes Wrong! #BBQBecky Still Getting Dragged Over the Coals! [WATCH]

Listen here, the internet is a petty place and I'm glad I live on it! A few days ago video surfaced of a woman calling the police on two Black men. . . because they were barbecuing in the park! Not because they were having a full on luau, these men had a small grill, in a designated area, following more safety rules than we're known to do at home.

Well, "Becky", as she's been dubbed, wasn't having it and launched into a full on investigator turned cry baby. Thankfully a bystander, was filming and caught the entire incident on camera! Watch this foolishness.

If the public video wasn't hilarious enough, the wonderful citizens of the internet took a few stills from the video and the rest is meme history! Take a look at these hilarious tweets and the gallery of photos!

This gallery of memes are sure to tickle your funny bone! Scroll through and giggle with us!

And because Twitter is a better investigative service than the FBI, #BBQBecky's true identity has been revealed!The internet is full of memes dragging this woman, sometimes referred to as #PoorKaren, in what can only be likened to a "Where's Waldo" craze! But, the biggest revenge came when the Oakland community of Black Folks threw an entire cookout at the very spot that #BBQBecky launched her tirade. Well played cousins! Well played!

Share your links to your hilarious #PoorKaren and #BBQBecky memes below!

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