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Domestic Violence and Broken Hearts, Fabolous is Not Having a Great 2018!

This must be the week that men can't keep their hands off of girls. First, we had Audrey Stevenson getting roughed up in church, Chris Brown trying to play "zaddy" outside of the bedroom and folks thinking he's 50 shades of fightin' chicks and now. . . we have Fabolous!

Yesterday Fab allegedly had some sort of disagreement with his longtime girlfriend and mother to his two children, Emily B, that resulted in her calling the cops!

According to TMZ:

"Multiple sources, connected to the couple and in law enforcement, tell us Fabolous turned himself in to cops in Englewood, NJ -- where he and Emily live. We're told Emily first contacted police, telling them Fabolous had hit her.

Fabolous surrendered around 8:30 PM Wednesday, and was booked for 2 felonies ... aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat."

In the middle of the night, Fab took to Instagram to make a vague post about his bad luck in 2018

Ok sir. Don't blame your troubles on 2018. This year is being good to some of us. Your troubles are because you, allegedly, can't keep your hands to yourself. While Fabolous, whose real name is John Jackson, has been pretty mum on the subject since his subliminal post, his lawyer is voicing his opinion on the subject. "I’ve known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct," Fabolous' attorney, Alberto Ebanks tells Billboard.

I'm not accusing him of doing anything, HOWEVER, there had to be a reason why she called the cops, why you turned yourself in and why you have those hefty charges. In the court of public opinion, how would you rule?

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