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Just for Fun: Getting in the Christmas Spirit. . . with Movie Titles!

If you're not in the Christmas spirit yet, join the club! I'm so not ready for the commercialized holiday that I think I just might skip it altogether. I haven't bought one thing and I just know I'm going to be running around the grocery store on Christmas Eve like a mad woman, fighting over the last bag of brown and serve dinner rolls! I'm over it in advance!

The one thing I'm NOT over are these hilarious tweets that completely ruin movie themes by making them "Christmassy". They've actually added some spark to my step and I might have to go on a movie binge in the next few hours. Get into the top #MakeMoviePlotsChristmassy tweets below!

If these didn't perk you up, click here to find one that will! Were you able to name some of the movies that were referenced? I think I got all but one. Let's keep this going down in the comments below. If you're on Twitter, tweet your own but don't forget to mention @ChattyPassenger!

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