Kevin Hart Details His "Irresponsible" Behavior. "You Make Your Bed, You Lay in It. I

A few months ago we reported that comedian Kevin Hart was possibly cheating on his wife, then we found out it was actually true. After gallons of tea got spilled and the couple decided to stay together and move past the infidelity, the rumor mill fell silent after the birth of their baby boy, Kenzo, last month.

Now, Kevin is back to business promoting his newest movie "Jumanji 2" and made a stop on "The Breakfast Club" where Charlamagne quickly cut to the chase and asked what we all wanted to know. . . "What were you thinking earlier this year when you got caught cheating in Vegas?" To his credit, Kevin jumped right in and admitted his guilt, the repercussions at home and how he's living with the consequences. I think it's very rare to see someone stand up and take full responsibility for something this major so publicly.

Watch the entire video for the admission, movie details and or course, the laughs!

This definitely makes me look at Kevin a little differently. Like he's grown as a person from this public scandal. Hey, if you're going to make mistakes, at least learn from them.