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Chrisette Michele Takes to the Air Waves to Apologize and Address Social Media Outburst. [LISTEN]

We first broke the ever evolving story of Chrisette Michele's social media melt-down yesterday. If you missed it, catch it here then come back after you're caught up. All caught up? Good! After venting on Instagram about being dropped from her label, suffering a miscarriage and feeling suicidal, Chrisette Michele joined Michael Baisden on his show to give further address her issues. During the interview she gave the backstory on how she ended up singing at #45's inauguration saying that she meant to be a light for her people and show that there was still "hope" during these hard times. She adamantly stated that she does not support the country's current administration and that she DOES NOT agree with the way he is running the country.

Also in this interview she spoke semi-candidly about her miscarriage but mores about her struggle with endometriosis. Take a listen to that portion below.

The interesting thing that I gathered from the interview was the fact that she did not address rumors that the graphic photo of the miscarriage wasn't in fact hers. Word on the street is that she got the picture from a community forum. Either way, we probably could have done without the graphics and just taken her word for it. Did her interview shed any light on her state of mind for you or do you think she's just trying to scratch her way back to the top? Let's chat about this in the comments below.

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