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Brandy and Monica Fall Out AGAIN!

Most people celebrate the birthday of a loved one who has passed away by posting somber memorial photos, poems or heartfelt letters. Singers Brandy and Monica celebrated the birthday of musical icon Whitney Houston by reigniting a long-time feud. The two posted separate birthday greetings for the star on their Instagram pages and what happened next was "Shade fest 2017" between the singers AND their fans!

Ok, So that was Brandy's first post. Then Came Monica's post and a second one from Brandy.

Reportedly, fans of Monica thought Brandy was being "self-centered" in her posts and decided to come for her proverbial neck with little help from Brandy's crew!

According to People:

Brandy wrote:

“Monica needs to really check her evil ass fans,” Brandy wrote in a lengthy rant in the comments section. “It’s so much stuff I can post about the hateful things they say to me… but I will never have time for that. Always thinking something is about her. It’s not!!!! Me and Whitney have nothing to do with anyone but the two of us… we made history and I cared more about being with her than I did about anything else.”

Adding, “It’s petty for everything that I say about Whitney for someone to have the audacity to think it’s about someone else other than her.”

In November 2016 at the Soul Train Awards, Brandy and Monica’s feud was sparked once again when Brandy changed the lyrics to “Talk About Our Love” to include references to someone “talking ish” and having their whole “fan base jump in” on Instagram.

In addition, Monica appeared on Oprah’s Where Are They Now during which she talked about her relationship with Houston, referring to the late icon as her “fairy godmother” and adding that she was like that for many people.

Let's hope these two can get over this and finally put their disagreements behind them!

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