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Insecure: Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller Trade Riffs on Vocal Drama! [LISTEN]

If you watch the HBO series "Insecure" then you know that it has one of the nicest soundtracks on the tube today! Each track always fits each scene perfectly and somehow capture the emotions on the screen and puts them in song form. This new song from Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller is no different. . . in fact, it's probably the best. On the song, entitled "Insecure" Bryson and Jazmine go back and forth blaming each other for the difficulties in their (in song) relationship. He blames her, she blames him and it all ends with the chorus:

"Why you gotta be so insecure?

When I did all I could do but you'll be wanting more.

And why you can't get up off my back?

And I can take a lot of sh*t but, I won't take that."

Take a listen to the track and get in your feelings below.

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