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Bae Watch! Michelle Williams Has a New Boo! [PHOTOS]

Just when you thought the hashtag #PoorMichelle was going to be her lot in life, Michelle Williams slips out in public with her new boo! The two decided to post up on his Instagram page to declare their affections for one another. Who's the man you ask? He's Chad Johnson, the chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pastor and Elevate International Youth Ministry Founder. Well, when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no! I'm happy for Michelle. The other ladies of Destiny's Child have gone on, gotten married and started families, it's only fitting that the last member to join the group be the last one in line for the altar too! It definitely looks like they've got some serious chemistry. Chad posted several pictures on his personal Instagram page and the caption for this photo read:

You see it above ground and in the open but we have been building underneath and in silence. // The tallest structures are built on the deepest foundations! // @michellewilliams #letskeepbuilding 💪🏽😍#joytheworldcanttakeaway

I think he's a good fit for Michelle, especially considering the fact that she is a diehard church girl! Check out the rest of their adorable photos below!

How long do you think it'll take before we're hearing wedding bells?

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